Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria (Dub)

Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria (Dub)

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

23 min

Now showing: TV 12/12

Latest episode: 121110

Country: Japan

Actors: Amanda LeeArisa DateBrandon McInnisBryn ApprillDaman MillsKate BristolKodai SakaiLara WoodhullMonica RialRie Suegara

Genres: Dubbed, Fantasy, Harem

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Movie plot

Suou Yuuto was an ordinary kid until while on a class trip transport into another world called Yggdrasil. There by the hand of fate and his smartphone he became the wolf clan leader. now he must wage war against neighboring clans by using the power of the internet to build a winning strategy and simultaneously search for a way back home.

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